Dawn Dowdle of Mystery Lovers Corner, says,

"The plot is well-written and provided enough twists to keep me
reading.  I recommend this book."
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"Morgan Mandel starts off making Two Wrongs a strong read from the beginning to
end... The plot is intriguing and the well-developed characters realistic in this
stunning read."             
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8/1/07 GEORGE T.  at  Pop Syndicate.Com Gives TWO WRONGS 5 STARS!
"Two Wrongs by Morgan Mandel is a thriller page by page. You won't
want to put this one down until you've reached the end...This is a
riveting reading and you will be glad you read this book."
To see the entire review, go to:
www.popsyndicate. com/site/ story/book_ review_of_ two_wrongs_ by_morgan_
or click on www.popsyndicate. com and then Books in the right hand
column and look for TWO WRONGS.

Patti McQuillen, of  Book Place Reviewers' Group, July, 2007:
"This book is an awesome page turner...In the first sitting I read
seventeen chapters...I do recommend this one. It pulls together
life, perception, choices, consequences and communication. "
To see the entire review, go to:
http://morganmandel books.ning. com/group/ bookreviewers

Dennis Collins, Reviewer for MyShelf.Com, and author of
The Unreal McCoy,
"The story has the pace of  the last two minutes of an NBA basketball game...    
It's a gritty story and not for  the faint of heart, but it's very well-written with
visible characters and well-painted scenes. A very good read."


Qetesh of TCM Reviews says, "This is a fast paced suspense story
that will keep you on the edge of your seat ... This book is a powerful
gripping tale that shows the horror and potential consequences of
wrongful imprisonment. It is a unique look from both sides of the jail
cell. The story is told in the alternating viewpoints from both the
prisoner and the accuser. It is an engrossing pager turner that
will keep you spellbound as you watch each man face choices
that will determine the destiny of two families."

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Shannon Anicas
Reviewer Coffee Time Romance
Shannon Anicas Website

Rating: 4 cups
above to
                                visit website .
Two wrongs never make it right is the theme throughout this action
packed book. You feel the pain and anger Danny Calloway experiences
both self induced and inflicted by others. You cannot help but be drawn
into this world of revenge and loss. You can feel the coldheartedness
of Kevin as he becomes a man in prison.
It is a page turner that I give 4 cups of great suspense.

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Christina Wantz, Reviewer for Wantz Upon A Time says:

"Two Wrongs" alternates between fast-paced action and periods of
introspection. Readers get a chance to catch their breath just as a new scene
once again steals it.

This debut novel shows the promise of a new voice to the world of suspense."

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Barbara D’Amato, past president of Mystery Writers of America and of Sisters in Crime,
author of the Cat Marsala mystery series, as well as several standalone novels, including
Death of a Thousand Cuts, writes:  

I very much enjoyed TWO WRONGS...
A tale of failed justice, vengeance, and love.  A wrongful conviction
spawns death down through the years.  Both tragic and hopeful, Two Wrongs
engages the reader's emotions.

To check out her website and read more about Barbara visit:

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Martha Powers, freelance editor, author of the thrillers, Sunflower &
Bleeding Heart, as well as several romance novels, writes:

The author vividly describes the conflict between love and revenge that
threatens to tear apart the main character in TWO WRONGS.  She does
an excellent job of swinging between the two main viewpoints and captures
the changes in the characters as they progress from young men to mature
adults.  She never focuses too long on either character so the tension is
not lost, bringing the reader along for the ride.  The research is unobtrusive
to the plot line and the detailing of Chicago settings give a veracity to the story.

read more about Martha and her latest book, visit her website at:


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Katherine Maria Scott of says,
"I truly
enjoyed the novel and found that I
could not put it down once I
started reading."

To read more of her favorable
review, click on this link:

"'Two Wrongs' make a very 'right' book. "Two Wrongs" (Hard Shell Word
Factory) by Morgan Mandel is a great read. It is a tale of murder and
revenge, deftly woven by Mandel."

She also calls it a "page-turner -- filled with suspense." If you'd
like to see the rest of her review, click on the Book Reviews tab at
the bottom of the first page of this site or search for Morgan Mandel at:

************************************************* review from D. Rittle wrote:
"TWO WRONGS is an intriguing mix of emotion and action. The fast pace
of the novel makes it a page turner, keeping the reader in suspense until
the very end. Unexpected plot twists make this a must read. I couldn't put it
down.  Mandel does a great job of getting into the psyche of the two main
characters. This is definitely an author to keep an eye on."